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Hate/dislike meme

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 8, 2016, 9:25 AM

  • RABBITS - Yes, I absolutely HATE these creatures. Luke's hate for rabbits is actually based off me. I don't like them. Not even if they're fuzzy and 'adorable'. No. They're not adorable at all. They're annoying to look at. I wouldn't kill one tho. I don't have the guts to kill one
  • Spiders - They should've been extinct. I know they eat other insects but look at those fukin legs and body and ugh. They disgust me. And I'm afraid of them lol. I hate spiders more than rabbits. 
  • People who think you support animal cruelty cos you drew your OC being beaten up or about to die - Like, they actually cry when they see it and think you support animal cruelty when you draw your OC in that situation. It's the character's backstory for goodness' sake. I mean, of course I would cry if I see this animal being beaten up or something (except a certain animal), but really. The drawing didn't happen at all. 
  • Huge boobs - I don't like characters or people with really big boobs. It's disturbing. And it kinda looks like it's painful. 
  • People who force you to do something you don't want to do - I said I don't want to, but they force me then get mad when I keep on declining. It's really annoying. If I said no then it's a fukin no. 
  • People who don't read - I'm not saying people who don't know how to read, what I'm saying is people who DON'T read something. I'm not saying a book or whatever, what I mean is the description, instructions, really important shizz, etc. It's not that HARD people. 
  • People who don't follow instructions or rules - When I want things to be organized but someone doesn't follow the rules and now it's messed up. Even that little mistake ticks me off. Tho not that much. Well, I'm easily irritated so yea :T (tho i'm kind of a rule breaker irl) 
  • PDA - besides hugging of course (well, i just feel awkward when I see people hug. Only when it's a girl and a boy tho). Like, it bothers me to see people kissing in public and stuff like that. 
  • A really crowded place - I'm kind of a 'people hater'. I really don't like crowded places. Lots of people irritate me. 'specially those kids that are hyper. 
  • "It's just a kid; don't swear, there's a kid nearby; kids" - Yes, I know that there's a kid. I know that it's just a kid. Whenever I tell this kid not to do this and that cos it's bad, my mom will just tell me, "It's just a kid". Yes, it's a kid. That's why I'm giving some sort of lecture to the kid cos it's a kid. I really don't like kids ('cept for my bro. He's annoying but I don't want to lose him). But if a kid is quiet and/or behave, then I like that kid. 
  • Yellow - this colors is just annoying to look at. It's bright af. 
  • Close minded religious people - The whole family is religious, and somewhat close minded. It's a good thing they accept the LGBT community. I had no trouble coming out as bi, and my uncle is gay. What I didn't like was their belief went waayy too far. I'm an atheist, and they obviously don't like that. They called me a demon. They want me to go to church, confess, then afterwards I'll be a really good person. No, it doesn't work that way. I understand and respect religions, but please don't call me things for not believing. Doing so makes me lose my respect for you and your religion. 
  • Vore - This is just disturbing and disgusting. You'll never see me draw this. 
Tagged by :iconxxseptgvr-daxx: 

Well, there's more (I get easily irritated, okay? haha) but I can't really remember haha. But I think this is enough. 

Well, that's how I really feel towards these things. 

Anyone can do this lol, but I will obviously tag :iconnyorkyporky: 
Oh, I might as well tag :iconjorelski18: 

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